La Ferme Des Humains


Karaman Films hired Quicksound to compose two reggae songs for their feature film “La Ferme Des Humains”. Distributed by Domino Films, it is the story about the struggles of immigrant youth trying to reconcile the traditional values of their parents with life in their adopted country. Unable to deal with being pulled in two different directions, the protagonists become cynical, drop out of school and spend their days smoking marijuana, philosophizing, trash talking and getting into trouble.

The social commentary aspect of the film is tempered by great comedic dialogue reminiscent of a Kevin Smith film. Director Onur Karaman can definitely relate to the subject matter, having moved to Canada from Turkey at 8 years old.

For the musical score, Quicksound enlisted the vocal talents of Juno Award Winner Mikey Dangerous on the Dancehall inspired “Life Rough”. The song addresses the hard living conditions of being an immigrant trying to survive economically in a new land.


For the film’s theme song, Quicksound enlisted Bran Van 3000 member Gary McKenzie to provide soulful falsetto vocals on the retro 1970’s jam “I Want The Moonshine Tonight”. A nostalgic love song with a sweet groove, you can hear the song in the film’s trailer.


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