Felix Leclerc

In 2013, Quicksound reprised their role once again as the Musical Director of the TerraKarnaval for the Just For Laughs Festival. This year’s, the festival paid tribute to iconic Quebecois folk singer Felix Leclerc to celebrate the centennial of his birth. Quicksound’s role was to remix seven classic songs by this important artist. Master Recordings from the 1960’s and 1970’s were taken out of the vault, cooked in special ovens and then digitized. Quicksound immersed themselves in his world, transforming the seminal folk songs of Felix Leclerc into other musical genres such as Tango, Circus Music, Afro Beat, Drum Line, Orchestral House, Gumboots and Music Box Lullaby. Their remixes were then incorporated into 4 different stage shows in the Place Des Festivales in downtown Montreal featuring costumes, dance choreographies, acrobats, immersive video projections etc… Every night for two weeks, thousands of spectators witnessed the performances in downtown Montreal. Famous Quebecois singer Robert Charlebois also participated in the project. Here is a video of him talking about the project. The background music is Quicksound’s lullaby version of Felix Leclerc’s “Petit Bonheur”.

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