Danielle Roy Interview

For the years 2010 to 2013, Quicksound were the Musical Directors of the TerraKarnaval : a gigantic outdoor event that is part of the Just For Laughs Festival. The event last for 2 weeks and features thousands of participants and performers, musicians, dance choreographies, immersive video projections, costumes, elaborate larger than life stage design. The Artistic Director of the TerraKarnaval is the accomplished artist Danielle Roy, a pioneer in “Arts De la Rue”. She is a co-founder of the Just For Laughs Festival and has worked on grandiose events around the world with Disney, Jean Paul Gaultier, Franco Dragone, Guy Lalibert√© and many more. Quicksound had the pleasure of working very closely with her for three years. Here is an interview where she discusses the themes in her work, the process of creation and the important role that Quicksound plays in her productions.

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