Quicksound was hired by Circle Road Records to do A&R work to find the perfect female artist for the new label they were launching with video game company UBISOFT.

Quicksound spread the word through their network and discovered ANJA, a talented singer from Norway who graduated from the Paul McCartney School of Music in Liverpool. At the time, she was living in Los Angeles meeting with labels and looking for a record deal. She quickly recorded a few demos for the project and was invited to Montreal to audition.

ANJA underwent a rigorous screening process of demos, photos shoots, dance sessions and meetings. She signed a record deal for a full album and two singles. The two singles were then placed in the popular video game franchise JUST DANCE 3, which sold over 8 million copies. A Star is born!

On a side note, two of the other candidates Quicksound proposed for this project also went on to major label success. GRIMES signed with British label 4AD and SHEENAH KO joined the band CREATURE (Universal).

In 2012, Anja recorded a third single for Ubisoft called “Crazy Little Thing” which was placed in the video game Just Dance 4.



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