Alpha Yaya Diallo

In 2013, Quicksound composed and produced an album with West African musician Alpha Yaya Diallo. An acclaimed guitarist and singer from Guinea, Alpha has performed all over the world. Discovered by Peter Gabriel in the late 1980`s, his band Fatala was signed to the Real World Records.

Alpha’s music is a blend of elements from the Malenke, Sousou and Foulani cultures of West Africa. He sings in several African languages as well as in English & French. Diallo is a multi-talented artist whose dexterous acoustic and electric guitar-playing, with its fluid melodic lines and compelling grooves, places him in the front ranks of African musicians.

He moved to Canada twenty years ago and made a huge impact on the North American World Music Scene. He has won multiple awards including three Juno Awards (the Juno’s are the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy Award). You can also hear Alpha’s haunting vocals on the musical score to the hit film “District 9

When Quicksound discovered his music, they immediately contacted his management. Upon speaking to Alpha, it was clear that a true meeting of the minds occurred and a musical collaboration between us would be very exciting. So we brought him to Montreal to record several songs in our studio and film a music video. The result is an astounding musical journey that we will be releasing on our label Tumbao Records.

CD artwork for Quicksound & Alpha Yaya Diallo - "Mosulu"

Quicksound & Alpha Yaya Diallo – “Mosulu”

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