Meet The Team

Roberto “Sam” Screnci : Founder, Creative Director

Roberto Sam Screnci founded Quicksound in Montreal in 1995 as a Tribal House group. A skilled percussionist, he led his team through performances in front of 15,000+ spectators at North America’s biggest House Music Events like Black & Blue, Bal En Blanc and the Miami Winter Music Conference. In 1999 he began honing his skills as a producer. The result is a catalog of over 200 songs and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the business.

Always striving to push it further, Sam’s vision continues to take Quicksound in new directions, from building a music distribution website, to developing new multimedia projects for live performances, to creating innovative music videos.

His career highlights include :


Christian St-Germain : Head Engineer

Christian began his career as Sound Engineer in 1996. He co-founded Beat Box Music (2005-2011), a recording studio and audio post production facility. His passion for the technical side of music led to teaching at L’Ecole Du Show Business and at Musitechnic.

He worked on albums by Quebecois pop artists like Lara Fabien, Jean Leloup, Dj Champion, Bruno Pelletier, Marie-Chantal Toupin … As a sound mixer he worked on many TV shows and commercials, as well as feature films like “Battle in Seattle”, “Funkytown”, “Starbuck”… He began collaborating with Quicksound in 2006, engineering and mixing their project with Lionel Richie.

Mary Catherine Harris: Music Publishing and Licensing
Marilene Bélanger: Legal Affairs

marilene_black and whiteMarilene Bélanger is a Montreal based Entertainment Lawyer and Agent specialized in field of music and visual arts. She is the agent of acclaimed composer Martin Léon and the controversial novelist Nelly Arcan.

A former ballerina and accomplished musician, Marilene is dedicated to represent artists and give them the best support for success with their career.
She bring the Arts to the higher level of respect by defending copyrights in order to allow all artists to live properly from their labors.

She strives to help artists pursue their careers and to help build a healthy society where people are bonded to each other from the inside, because art is the real communion. Since 2010, Marilene has been in charge of legal affairs for Quicksound.

Alexandre Kano : Technical Director

Alexandre Kano founded Moog Audio in 1998 and has served the music community ever since with a booming online distribution business and stores in Montreal, Toronto and Laval. Since the late 1990’s he has been Quicksound’s partner, providing state of the art equipment for their Recording Studio. For their Live Performances, Kano offer comprehensive services, designing the entire Audio Setup and providing everything from instruments, controllers, backline, monitoring, speakers etc…

Since 2004, Moog Audio has financed and supported over 3000 events, installations and festivals like MUTEK, Picnic Électronik, Elektra, Shakedown, etc… International Musicians, Dj`s and Producers such as Arcade Fire, The Stills, Chromeo, We are Wolves, Simple Plan, Wolf Parade, Kid Koala, Amon Tobin, DJ Champion, Mistress Barbara and Tiga, are some of his best clients and supporters.

Moog Audio was voted “Best Stereo Store of Montreal” every year from 2004-2009 by the Montreal Mirror weekly readers, and also got the prize for “The Noise Maker of the year”.

Papo Swing

After many years of collaborations with Quicksound, we are pleased to announce that Papo Swing is in charge of our new office in New York City!

Papo Swing is a staple percussionist among highly regarded house DJs and performance groups, such as Cirque de Soleil, Louie Vega, Masters at Work (MAW), John Cutler, Dennis Ferrer, Soul Channel Music (Mr. V), Soul Creation, Alix Alvarez, Funk La Planet, and Alain Vinet.

He is also the Founder and fellow percussionist of the HOUSE OF RHUMBA. He has performed at famous clubs like Cielo, Deep, Shelter, Ageha (Japan) and Club Show in NYC, as well as other internationally recognized dance clubs around the world.

Papo Swing’s love for hard-hitting rhythm inspires his improvised conga beats and innovative technique within the Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, Rumba and ‘Bomba and Plena’ genres, making him a leading musician among his dance music peers and fans alike.

Mark Hoeppner : Arranger

Mark has been playing piano & keyboards for around 30 years, moving seamlessly between jazz, classical, pop, funk, and electronic music. Moving to Montreal in 2000, Mark studied jazz with piano genius Jean Beaudet and the iconic Wray Downes. Graduating with honors from Concordia University, he went on to deliver live performances in clubs across North America, Asia & the Middle East.

Now based in Vancouver, his range of work includes jazz piano, funk & pop keyboard programming, private instruction, numerous side projects and composition/arranging for short films, documentaries, and multimedia projects.

He joined QUICKSOUND in 2011 to create orchestral arrangements for their music. Projects of note include working with them on PINKARNAVAL and on TERRAKARNAVAL.

Black Mohawk Productions

This Montreal-based production company knows how to stimulate the Masses. The experience, the flair and the professionalism combine to create a unique signature style that creates extraordinary events.

Working closely with a variety of industries that include fashion, nightlife, entertainment and beauty, Black Mohawk is known for creating original concepts : costumes and themes that create a buzz and leave a lasting impression on the intended target market.

Black Mohawk worked with Quicksound on many projects. They provided costumes, robot dancers and a sensual aerial show for Quicksound’s 2 hour performance at the Just For Laughs Festival. The soon to be released music video “U Give Me Shivers” by Quicksound featuring Clark Street Project features sultry performances by Black Mohawk’s models.

Sebastien Howard aka “Batch” : Director of Video Content

BatchBatch has over 10 years of experience in video and television production, having served as director, producer, cameraman and editor on numerous projects. His childhood is something he prefers not to discuss without professional mental coaching in the room, but claims his late teen years and, as of yet, early adult life to be enjoyable enough to stick around.

His mother swears he was eagerly interested in music and film from a very young age. He began playing guitar and singing at the age of 14 while grounded in his room by his mother for long hours. He is a passionate person and ultimately loves life!

Batch is in charge of Quicksound’s video division, from creating documentaries and music videos to filming the live performances.